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APUSpecial Lecture on Development Strategy by Motoo Kusakabe

Class Schedule:
  Thu. Aug. 2 Fri. Aug. 3 Sat. Aug. 4 Sun. Aug. 5 Mon. Aug. 6
Lesson 1. Prior Assignment
Lesson 2. (Lecture)
Lesson 5.  (Lecture) Lesson 8. (Lecture)
Lesson 11.  (Presentation) Lesson 14.  (Group Study. Presentation)
Reading of course plan and select your interested country and a topic Introduction to the course 

How have the aid strategies changed in the past 50 years? 

Is Investment/Saving an Engine of Growth?

Is Education an Engine of Growth? Presentation of Growth Factors (I)

- Trade/Export

- Investment/Saving

Preparation for the presentations



Country Group 1: Taiwan/Thailand

Lesson 3.  (Lecture) Lesson 6.  (Lecture)
Lesson 9.  (Lecture) Lesson 12.  (Presentation)

Lesson 15.  (Presentation)
Theories for Economic Growth

- Solow/Swan Model

- Endogenous Growth Models

- Growth Accounting

- Historical Pattern of Total Factor Productivity

Is Trade an Engine of Growth?


Is Technology / Innovation Engine of growth


Presentation of Growth Factors (II)

- Education/Human Capital Group

- Technology/Innovation/

  Knowledge Group


Country Group 2: 

Country Group 3:  


Lesson 4.   (Group Study) Lesson 7.  (Group Study)

Lesson 10.  (Group Study)
Lesson 13. (Group Study)
Lesson 16.  (Presentation)
Searching for the engine of Growth

Statistical Approach:

- Correlations

- Regressions

What are the engine of growth?

- Investment/Saving

- Trade/Export

- Education/Human Capital

- Technology/Innovation/



What is the engine of growth?

- Investment/Saving Group

- Trade/Export Group 

- Education/Human Capital 

- Technology/Innovation/ Knowledge



Preparation of Country presentation


Country Group 4: 

Country Group IV: